电气绝缘环氧灌封胶  20337/50131

产品代码: A Part:20337 B Part:50131


20337/50131 Electrical Potting System is a black, filled, epoxy that has a moderate mixed viscosity and a long gel time.

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  • 20337/50131是一款设计用于灌注填充的绝缘材料,黑色外观,具有低混合粘度和长凝胶时间。该材料在低收缩和低放热性能方面的表现突出并具有一定的导热性能。该体系可持续在180°C高温下工作(H级),符合UL 1446认证。材料在设计时兼顾到要求完全浸渍下的室温固化或加热固化工艺要求,有无真空条件均可使用。适中的粘度和较长凝胶时间使得企业可根据实际需要灵活选择选择机器生产或手工应用,其固化体系有优秀的抗热冲击性能。

    20337/50131 Electrical Potting System is a black, filled, epoxy that has a moderate mixed viscosity and a long gel time. This system is highlighted by low shrinkage and low exothermic properties. This system is designed for ambient cured applications requiring complete impregnation. System may be used with or without vacuum. The moderate viscosity and long gel time make this a viable system for high speed production or manual applications. The cured system has excellent thermal shock resistance. UL 1446 recognized as a potting compound for use up to 180C (Class H) UL File No. E 210549.

    *通过UL1446电机及变压器应用认证 – H级;
    *Meets UL 1446 Class H (180°C) for motors & generators;
    *Good Adhesion to Varying Substrates;
    *Ease of Use With or Without Vacuum;
    *High Thermal Conductivity: 1.0 W/m-K (in a tested unit);
    *low cost;
    *Excellent preheatable operating viscosity;
    - to ensure that the device gap can be fully filled;
    *Long gel time, is conducive to large-scale motor in the casting process can maintain a stable period of time viscosity;
    Linear Motor potting epoxy resin;
    Rotating motor Sealant;
    AC-DC fan motor encapsulation epoxy resin;
    High power transformer encapsulation epoxy resin;


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