强力屏蔽导电镍材料  841

产品代码: 841-340G 841-900ML 841-1G

841强力屏蔽导电镍材料是一款丙烯酸结构的表面涂覆产品,设计用于减少所有电子设备都可能面对的问题—电磁或射频干扰(EMI / RFI)。

The 841 Super Shield Nickel Conductive Coating is a conductive acrylic paint designed to reduce electromagnetic or radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI)—an issue for all electronic devices.

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    841强力屏蔽导电镍材料是一款丙烯酸结构的表面涂覆产品,设计用于减少所有电子设备都可能面对的问题—电磁或射频干扰(EMI / RFI)。其抗氧化填料结合老化性能优异的丙烯酸基材可以确保该产品提供持久的EMI / RFI防护。能够使材料在摩擦和油漆剥落中使填料的损耗最小化。841UL认证,可在高温或低温下粘附在ABS(丙烯腈-丁二烯-苯乙烯)和聚碳酸酯上。高纯度镍粉的高抗氧化性能确保产品长期的导电性,保证导电性不会过快的随着时间推移而下降,适合在海洋等恶劣环境下使用。如果产品的导电性能下降,可以通过去除修复,以重新建立所需的屏蔽性能。



    The 841 Super Shield Nickel Conductive Coating is a conductive acrylic paint designed to reduce electromagnetic or radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI)—an issue for all electronic devices. Long-term protection from EMI/RFI is assured by its oxidation resistant flakes and durable acrylic binder.The acrylic binder minimizes loss of metallization through rubbing, and paint peeling. The 841 coating is UL approved for adhesion to ABS and polycarbonates at both hot and cold temperatures.The high oxidation resistance of the high-purity nickel flakes ensures a long-term conductivity that will not degrade quickly over time, making it suitable for marine and other harsh environments. In cases of degradation, the coating is removable or repairable to re-establish the desired shielding performance.











      UL 认证 (文件号 # E202609)

       UL Recognized (File # E202609)



      测试符合IEEE标准. 299-1997

       Tested in compliance with IEEE Std. 299-1997



      高导电性—0.0042 Ω cm; 0.6 Ω/sq 单涂层;

       High Conductivity—0.0042 cm; 0.6 Ω/sq for one coat




       Repairable and removable thermoplastic paint system




       Tough and durable coat, salt spray tested with excellent weatherability




       Stronger adhesion than water based coatings



      峰值衰减 50 dB ±25 dB  38 m (~1.5 mil) 频段 10 - 18,000 MHz

       Median attenuation 50 dB ±25 dB per 38 m (~1.5 mil) for frequency range of 10 to 18,000 MHz











    841非常适合电子产品塑料外壳内部的涂覆,提供了一个简单的方式解决EMI / RFI的问题,使设备通过FCC辐射测试。它主要应用在手机、掌上电脑、其他消费类电子产品、通信设备、工业设备、医疗设备、军事设备和航空航天设备等。此外,它可以作为屏蔽层涂覆在已经涂有装饰性丙烯酸材料的房间。其他应用包括为电路提供连续性的工作辅助,保护导电金属表面不易发生氧化。

    The 841 paint is well suited for coating the interior of plastic electronic enclosures and offers a simple way to deal with EMI/RFI issues, allowing devices to pass FCC emission testing. Its primary applications are in cell phones, PDA’s, other consumer electronics, telecommunication equipment, industrial equipment, medical devices, military devices, and aerospace equipment. Furthermore, it can be used to shield entire rooms that will be over-coated with a decorative acrylic paint. Other applications include providing electric continuity for circuits and protecting conductive metal surfaces prone to oxidation.






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    340 g (12 oz)

    瓶装气雾剂| Aerosol




    900 mL (1.65 kg)

    罐装液体| Liquid




    1 gal (6.75 kg)

    桶装液体| Liquid






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