透明环氧树脂三防材料  4224

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Our 4224 Optically Clear Conformal Coating Epoxy offers a very strong and UV-resistant finish.

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  • 4224高透明防护材料树脂具有紫外线高抗性,其两部分材料操作简易,无需使用特殊或昂贵的设备。4224环氧树脂涂层能保护电路有效抵抗腐蚀性化学物、湿气、泥土、灰尘、热冲击和刮擦,并能使电子元件避免受到腐蚀和物理损害。4224三防漆也能隔绝高压电弧、电短路和静电放电。

    Our 4224 Optically Clear Conformal Coating Epoxy offers a very strong and UV-resistant finish. This two part coating is easy to use: it does not require special or costly equipment to apply.The 4224 epoxy coating protects electric circuits against corrosive chemicals, moisture, dirt, dust, thermal shocks, and scratches. This avoids corrosion and physical damages to electric components. It also insulates against high-voltage arcing, shorts, and static discharges.

    *高透明: 光学范围内传输损耗@25 µm[1mil]<4.5%;
    *抗紫外线性: 不泛黄;
    *Excellent Chemical and Abrasion Resistance;
    *Optically Clear: Transmission @25 μm [1 mil] <4.5% loss in optical range;
    *UV light stable: non yellowing;
    *Protects electronics from chemicals corrosion, oil, moisture, fungus, and static discharges;
    The 4224 Optically Clear Conformal Coating Epoxy improves reliability, operational range, and lengthens the life of electronic and LED parts. You will find it mainly in corrosive environments such as farming, mining, smelting, oil exploration, and marine industries. As well, it applies to any other areas where corrosion must be avoided;
    Common urethane conformal coatings uses are with electric generators, motors, transformers, relays, and air bag controllers. Commercial applications include fire alarms components, sensors, automotive electronics, electrical connectors, and porcelains;


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