电镀润滑剂  EPC

产品代码: EPC01K


EPC has been specially developed for use in electro-plating and anodising plants.

Product Data Sheets / 产品数据表

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  • EPC专为在电镀和阳极处理中的使用。EPC不会像普通的矿物润滑油那样被电镀液所吸收,特别是被当硬铬使用时对电解液造成严重的损坏时显得尤为重要。EPC不会像普通的润滑油那样,在制板工厂中快速恶化,在接触头留下绝缘层。金属接头使用了EPC后,能够降低电阻和能量损耗,从而降低连接处的电压变低并确保在任何电压情况下都能具有最高的阳极电流。本产品同样能够抑制腐蚀和减少清洗频率生物电镀润滑剂。

    EPC has been specially developed for use in electro-plating and anodising plants. EPC is not absorbed by plating solutions like ordinary mineral oil based grease can be; this is particularly relevant when used for hard chrome when very costly damage can be caused to the electrolyte. Ordinary greases will also rapidly deteriorate in a plating shop and leave an insulating layer on the contacts, an issue that does not occur when EPC is used. Application of EPC onto metal interfaces reduces resistance and energy consumption, thereby reducing voltage drop at connections and ensuring that the maximum plating current flows for any applied voltage. The product also inhibits against corrosion, reducing the frequency of cleaning.

    *Especially developed for use on electro-plating and anodising plants;
    *Inhibits against corrosion;
    *Formulated to assist in the removal of tarnish and corrosion;
    *Excellent environmental protection in the atmosphere;
    *Improves electrical contact on anode and cathode bars, pick up shoes, rack contacts, bushbar joints etc;
    To prevent corrosion and contamination and improve electrical contact on anode and cathode bars, pick-up shoes, rack contacts, busbar joints etc. It is also formulated to assist in the removal of tarnish and corrosion;


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